Who we are


Since 1990, FSEV has united over 25,000 couples in the grandeur of marriage, and celebrated hundreds of baptisms and funerals. Our officiants have all been chosen by a selection committee. In addition to possessing an excellent listening ability and very high human values, they must satisfy very specific criteria with reference to our code of ethics.

They are knowledgeable in captivating their audience, and can assemble your guests in such a way that they will not be mere spectators of your celebration but will live the emotion of this great day with you. Thanks to their training, as well as the experience acquired over the years with FSEV, our officiants master the precious art of expressing, through a profound text, the meaning of your sentiments, your emotion and your thought. We offer personalized celebrations created especially for you. Our repertoire of inspired texts and rituals will illuminate your ceremony.

Our wedding officiants are licensed by the government to officiate your wedding, whatever the season, the day, and the place.

Opened to the world, FSEV recognizes that our society is enriched by cultural diversity. It respects the spiritual integrity of every individual and fosters reflection about the collective sharing of the fundamental values that elevate the human conscience. Every human being carries within themselves hope and faith in life. Free expression, constructive ideas and everyone’s talents enable a contribution to a better world and to each individual’s fulfilment.

We celebrate in many languages: English, Spanish, Creole, Italian, Mandarin and Cantonese, we welcome and profoundly respect all humanistic and spiritual allegiances. This is what has earned us an international reputation.